Global Focus on Cancer’s mission is to raise awareness, provide support and create a global network of cancer patients, survivors, caregivers and medical professionals. Our goal is to increase awareness, decrease stigma and encourage early detection and treatment by increasing access to information about cancer. Awareness is an integral component in the early detection of the disease, and early detection is a key element in the battle against cancer.

What We Do

GFC was formed in 2011 as a US based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to act as an agent of simple and effective change to help reduce the global burden of cancer. We do this through creating, implementing and sustaining cancer awareness programs and supporting the development of locally sustainable cancer support groups in areas where access to information about cancer is critically lacking.

Where the Need is the Greatest

Cancer has reached near epidemic proportions worldwide. Globally, there are more than 14 million new cancer cases diagnosed each year with more than 8.2 million cancer related deaths — more than AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined. The number of new cancer cases is expected to rise by as much as 70% over the next two decades with an estimated 70% of these deaths occur in people living in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) such as Kenya, Cambodia, Guatemala, Myanmar, Zambia, India and Vietnam.

Only 5% of the world’s total resources for cancer control reach the developing world. In many countries cancer treatment and prevention services are lacking, and some countries have no specialized cancer care at all. Even if treatment is available, it may be out of financial reach for many people making it less likely patients will receive the care they need to survive. Sadly, due to the stigma that still surrounds cancer in many countries, cancer patients are often discouraged from openly discussing their disease, even among family and friends. This can have a tremendous psychological impact on patients as well as interfere with their ability to receive the medical care they urgently need.

Cancer awareness is desperately lacking in many economically challenged countries. Awareness is an integral component in the early detection of the disease, and early detection is a key element in the battle against cancer. Often, just the fact that surviving cancer is possible is a revelation to those who have previously only understood it as a death sentence.

Countries defined as low- and middle-income account for as much as 72% of the world’s cancer deaths. In Vietnam alone there are approximately 125,000 new cancer cases diagnosed each year and 95,000 cancer deaths (more than 70% of patients die, one of the highest mortality rates in the world). Due to the extremely high burden of cancer in LMICs there exists a great need for cancer awareness, prevention and support programs.

How We Work

GFC partners with local organizations to connect them with established global cancer resources. We translate existing cancer awareness materials and create new brochures/pamphlets in the local language to promote cancer awareness, early detection and treatment options. We utilize our relationships with doctors, hospitals, cancer organizations and US companies with international offices to create and distribute country specific literature and to host cancer awareness seminars. We assist in creating new, and expanding upon existing cancer support groups using established, successful models and adapting them to fit the individual country.

GFC has developed a dual track approach in each target country that consists of:
‣ Cancer support groups in hospitals and other health care facilities.
‣ Cancer awareness programs delivered in the work environment.