Hanoi University of Public Health (HUPH) was first founded as the School for Doctor’s Assistant, then the Secondary Pharmaceutical School, The Central School for Health Staff and the School of Training for Health Staff (1948-1975) and the School for Health Administrators (1976- 2001). In 2001, the Government upgraded status of the school into university and became Hanoi University of Public Healh, but it kept the English name as Hanoi School of Public Health. In Oct 2016, the school has officially changed its English name to Hanoi University of Public Health (HUPH). The university has its own strategic development plan between 2013-2020 with the vision to become the leading institution in Vietnam and in the region on Public Health training, research and consultancy. HUPH has also a long history of strengthening partnership within its faculty and other institutional departments, organizations and agencies, nationally and internationally, to develop the school’s human resources, quality improvement in training, research and consultancy and thus to progress in the direction of globalization.